Bee Removal

Bee Removal

Complete Residential and Commercial Bee Removal

Serving Temple, Belton, Killeen, Georgetown, and Surrounding Areas

Bees are important insects for pollination, however, sometimes they build nests in unwanted places around homes or worse in or on structures such as homes, buildings, or businesses.

Safe Bee RemovalBee’s pose a stinging risk which is very dangerous to anyone who is allergic and their honeycomb and honey can cause damage to walls and structures if they melt. Improper exclusion also poses a risk of more bees returning if not properly handled.

BMI Pest Management will solve your bee problem by performing a no kill hive exclusion then safely relocating the bees and their colony to a proper location away from people where they can continue to perform their important pollination tasks without posing a risk to others. We do not kill or exterminate bees. Our preferred method to control bees is Exclusion. Once removed we will treat infested areas to make sure that the bees do not return.

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