Mosquito Treatment


Serving Temple, Belton, Killeen, Georgetown, and Surrounding Areas

Protect yourself and others from annoying Mosquito Bites and Misquito-Borne Diseases.

Female Mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away, flying back and forth through the CO2 until they find the source, which becomes their main course. Skin produces sweat and other odors, such as folic acid and cholesterol, which smells like supper to mosquitoes. Odors from sources including detergents, deodorants, lotions, or fabric softeners mask body odor -and may attract or repel insects. Body heat also attracts mosquitoes. Darker colored clothing retains heat and also attracts mosquitoes.

A few things you can do to help reduce the mosquito population is to empty or routinely replace standing water from containers such as flower pots, bird baths, pet dishes, gutters, or any other container that can hold standing water for long periods of time. This helps interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.

For Serious Mosquito Protection try our Mosquito Control Service. Through fogging we implement solid protection from mosquitoes in your yard or property and help to protect you and others from mosquito transferred health risks.

BMI Pest Management are here to protect you from the annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes. Our experienced staff and quality fogging treatment is state of the art, effective, and safe.

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